Ms. Diane Woodruff - September 2017

I grew up in Southern California and made my way east to Oklahoma Baptist University where I started college as a music education major and ended up receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology/Religion. Years later after studying the characteristics of various spiritual gifts, I realized that I had EVERY SINGLE characteristic of a teacher. I went back to school and got my Elementary Education Certificate at UT Tyler. My first job was in 1st grade in Kilgore, Texas and the rest is history…. Fast forward 23 years: I taught every grade in elementary school for 13 years before moving to 6th grade Language Arts at Travis Middle School in Irving where I taught for seven years.

I am married to Jeff Woodruff and have two children from a previous marriage: Wes, who will be 31 this month, and Briana, 24. Briana has a daughter, Kodi, who is four.

I feel most fulfilled when I am teaching. I love feeling like I am improving the world in my small corner and making a difference in kids’ lives. I love to read, cook, and hang out with my hubby. I also love going back to California whenever possible to visit my son and beautiful new daughter-in-law as well as friends from my childhood. This is my second year at NTLA and it has been a blessing to me! I have the opportunity here to actually teach and hopefully develop some lifelong readers, writers, and learners.