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Ms. Azucena Bryan - January 2017

Although I am Mrs. Bryan to my students, I was given the name Azucena. I know it is a rare name, even in Mexico. Here in the States, it’s plain difficult to pronounce. People always tell me my name is so pretty, but they always leave wondering, ‘What kind of name is that?’ The Azucena is a flower, specifically a white lily with a sweet fragrance and six petals. It is the traditional Easter Lily. This type of lily grows in adverse situations, in the midst of rocks and thorny bushes on the tops of mountains.

I was born in Mexico City where I studied in different bilingual schools with an international baccalaureate program. I came to the United States and continued my studies where I was able to immerse in the culture, slang, different accents, and idiomatic phrases which were never taught to me at school in Mexico. This is why I like to introduce cultural tidbits to my students during Spanish class. I want them to grasp Spanish not only as a language, but also as the basis of the culture it embraces.

Mrs. Bryan earned her Bachelor of Science in Leadership from CBS in Houston. She taught and trained leaders at the Blossom Institute for several years and went on to teach Spanish within Carroll, Northwest, and Colleyville ISDs. She is currently working on a Masters degree in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. Mrs. Bryan loves learning and inspires her students with her passion for education and the course material. She strives to empower her students to take ownership of their own learning and to advance and succeed on their own road to becoming great people who impact their world.