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NTLA is grateful for the support from our families and community members that help us provide a supportive and rich cultural educational environment for our students. Are you interested in volunteering? Check out the ways our families and community serve NTLA and join in where you can!

Classroom Helpers: Help our teachers prepare materials for students. Interested in working in the classroom? We need help there, too!

Off-Campus Learning Helpers: NTLA students enjoy off-campus learning experiences to supplement each Project Based Learning unit of study. We need parents that are willing to provide transportation to and from events as well as experience the outings with us.

Parents’ Club: We encourage all NTLA parents to join the Parents’ Club. Most evening events are planned by this group. Check out our Parents’ Club page for more details.

Community VIP’s: NTLA students enjoy several monthly visits from local artists, musicians and community members. These VIP’s share their passion for learning with our students. Do you have a special talent that you would like to share with the students at NTLA? Volunteer to become one of our Community VIP’s below.