NTLA is grateful for the generous gifts and contributions from parents, grandparents, friends, and community members. Please take a moment to help us thank them by visiting our “Meet our Donors” page. With their support we are able to provide an exceptional education for exceptional students.

There are many ways YOU can support NTLA. Donations of time, money and items are always welcome.


  • Interested in volunteering your time? Check out our “Parents’ Club.” In this group parents have an opportunity to give back to NTLA through organizing school events, helping out in the classroom, and developing fundraising projects for the school.
  • Not a parent of an NTLA student but still want to volunteer your time? Please fill out the form on our “Volunteer” page. NTLA volunteers help in the classroom, at school events, and during off campus enrichment.
  • We are proud to welcome community members to help enrich our Project-Based Learning curriculum. We consider these volunteers our “VIP’s” because their passion for what they do helps create a rich cultural learning environment for our students. See our “Special Programs” page for more information and be sure to complete a volunteer form on our “Volunteer” page.
  • Monetary donations are important and help provide students with necessary items for learning such as technology, curriculum, and classroom supplies. Families, friends, and community members can donate on-line by accessing our safe and secure “Donate On-Line” page. Also included on this page are options for making the most out of your donation, including information about Annual Giving, Corporate Matching Donations, and Community Partners who are helping to give back to NTLA.
  • Have an old computer or violin that you no longer need but can’t seem to throw away? NTLA welcomes your gently loved items. Contact the Head of School to make arrangements for pick-up or delivery of items.

All gifts, no matter the size, make a difference in the lives of NTLA students. Thank you for donating, your support is crucial in our students’ success.