Families of the Month

Purser family pic.jpg

Howdy! We are the Purser family. Our leader, Reagan, started kindergarten at NTLA mid-year. NTLA’s staff has eased our daughter’s transition to a new school with skilled ease and grace. We are so thankful to have found NTLA. Our daughter is thriving both academically and behaviorally under their guidance.

In addition to their mission of teaching the leaders about personal responsibility as well as the importance of community service and commitment to others, the curriculum has proven to be invaluable for our child who was advanced in many areas academically. Developmentally, however, she was not ready to progress to a higher classroom. NTLA’s commitment to individual variation has played a huge role in reigniting her interest in learning.

Being challenged on an individual level in a developmentally appropriate manner has already had a great impact in helping our leader reach her potential. In her free time, Reagan enjoys horseback riding (English Equestrian), playing Mario Brothers, and spending time with friends. One day she hopes to be a veterinarian, firefighter,...

Shamika and Seth cropped.jpeg

We are the DeSilva-Rannulu family. Our leader, Seth (5), started kindergarten at NTLA in fall of 2018. I’m Seth’s mom, Shamika. Myself and Seth's grandparents are thrilled with the progress he has made thus far at NTLA. He has blossomed from a very shy little boy to be most talkative and outgoing. In his toddler years, Seth had an issue with hearing (fluid in the middle ear). After three sets of tubes/adenoidectomy/tonsillectomy and two years of speech therapy, he is now able to catch up with his peers. Seth loves to play with Lego sets, ride his bike, help his mom/grand mom with chores, and try various types of food. He loves all his teachers at NTLA tremendously!

Seth's dad is a board-certified pediatrician (completed his training at Richmond University Medical Center, Staten Island, NY) who worked for Crystal Run Health Care in NY and Children's Health in TX. Currently, he works at, and owns, two practices; one in Duncanville and Fort Worth.

I did my studies (Baruch College CUNY - Zicklin School of Business and New York Law School) and worked (Morgan Stanley and...


We are the Weatherington-Owsley family. Our Leader, Sam, started Pre-K at NTLA this fall, and we are thrilled with his experience there thus far. Sam loves his teachers and has thrived in his small class and the individualized, project-based curriculum. When he isn’t learning at NTLA, Sam enjoys reading, exploring the outdoors, dinosaurs, and other animals that make loud noises he can imitate. His little brother, Jack, is a Leader-in-waiting, and enjoys yelling, playing catch, and rap music.

For the parents, Mom, Rachel, is a certified Spanish teacher with degrees from Cleveland State University and the University of Connecticut. Rachel is a distance runner who appreciates the mild Texas winter more with each race and also enjoys reading, wine, and baking. Dad, Travis, is an attorney with BNSF Railway Company with degrees from Cleveland State University and The Ohio State University. He is very much not a distance runner but doesn’t mind the mild winters either. He enjoys cheering on Buckeye football, imitating loud animal noises with Sam, and listening to rap music with...

Bate Family.JPG

Hello everyone! We are the Bate family. Our son Michael attends 3rd grade and our daughter Savannah attends Kindergarten. This is the second year our children have attended NTLA.

We have been pleased with how our children have flourished at NTLA with the help of the small class sizes, the hands-on learning projects, the frequent class trips, and library research for their school projects. We like how our children can work at their own pace and work ahead in areas in which they excel while taking extra time in areas that challenge them.

Ted is a pilot for American Airlines flying the 767 out of DFW airport and Joy is an Optometrist in Haslet and has a PhD focusing on vision research. We enjoy traveling and showing our children new places and things. The kids especially enjoy building and making things, and visiting science and history museums. Our favorite trip so far this year was to Germany and the Netherlands and our kids loved visiting The Nemo science museum.

Our children’s favorite activity is the after school robotics course that is part of the after...

Erin Jepson Family.jpg

Hello! We are the McGee family. Aria is in 2nd grade, and Larick is in Kindergarten. Aria has been at NTLA since Kindergarten, after trying out a local public school for half the year. She has thrived during her time at NTLA, and is always excited for school. She loves the project based learning curriculum and the after school programs that they offer. Outside of school Aria has a number of activities - horseback riding, Taekwondo, American Heritage Girls, Piano, and Soccer.

Larick transitioned from a Spanish Montessori preschool to NTLA. He loves it and really enjoys learning. He loves math and always wants us to quiz him on math problems. Larick’s outside activities include soccer, Taekwondo, and Trail life. He and Aria have been doing the after school cooking class with Ms Schroeder. They are learning how to cook and about so many different foods.

Our family moved here from California five years ago for Geremy’s graduate school. It’s kind of ironic that we chose Keller because of the great public school ratings, then we ended up at a private school. We originally...

Morales resized.jpg

Hi! We are the Cloud-Morales crew: Megan (mom), Reid (8), Helena (6), and Clark (4). I (Megan) am originally from Fort Worth, but after experiencing life in New York City, Philadelphia, Tacoma, and San Antonio, finally made my way back. Clark and Helena were born in San Antonio. Reid is our only family member not born in the great state of Texas; he was born in Washington.

I am in my second year of law school, while the kids are in 2nd grade, Kindergarten, and Pre-K. When they aren’t in school the boys love to play outside, ride their bikes, and build with Legos. Reid enjoys playing soccer, flag football, and basketball. Helena enjoys gardening, art, ballet and cooking, especially “beautiful desserts and pastries.” Reid and Helena are both avid readers. Clark is a world-class snuggler and puzzle savant. Our whole family loves to travel.

I originally planned to homeschool. Plans changed and when I needed to send the kids to school, I looked specifically for a school that would stretch and grow the kids’ strengths, but would also slow down when it was needed. I also...


We are the Koonce family. Lucas Koonce is six years old and Cooper Koonce is four years old. Lucas joined NTLA in the fall of 2015, and Cooper followed in the fall of 2017. Lucas loves NTLA. He is always excited for a new unit because he loves to do projects. He even comes up with his own projects and gets mom and dad to help with them on the weekends! He loves science, gardening, cooking class, and aftercare with his friends. Cooper has blossomed at NTLA in his first year. His favorite things are music, art and getting dirty at recess. He absolutely loves Ms. Scott. My name is Aaron. I am a Finance Manager for Orthofix in Lewisville. In my free time I enjoy time with the family outdoors, doing projects with the boys, exercising, and making music. My wife Anne is in medical sales. She enjoys staying busy with her career and keeping up with our two boys. In her free time she enjoys doing crafts and projects with the boys, pampering herself, and walking the dog. We have really enjoyed being a part of the NTLA family. It has enriched our lives, and we are grateful...


We are the Tabony family, and our daughter Madison joined the larger NTLA family in the fall of 2017 at the Kindergarten grade level. Michael grew up in New Orleans, graduated from LSU, and is a Sales Market Manager for Whirlpool Corporation. He absolutely loves watching LSU and Saints football, movies, fishing, traveling and spending time with his family. My name is Brooke, and I was raised in Nebraska, graduated from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2003, then spent over two years studying Spanish and teaching English in Spain and returned to the USA to start my sales career and Professional MBA at Texas Christian University. I am a Key Account National Sales Manager for Whirlpool Corporation. Our oldest daughter, Morgan, is eight years old, and she is an extremely creative little girl that loves art, theater, singing, playing club soccer, gymnastics and spending time with her friends and family. Madison enjoys dance class, piano lessons, basketball, pretending with her baby dolls, reading and playing with her friends.

The Project Based curriculum at NTLA has allowed...


We are the Olmos family. Jacob Olmos is four years old and joined NTLA in the fall of 2017. Jacob enjoys playing with cars and dinosaurs and reading books. He has really blossomed at NTLA. He enjoys his time at school and has developed so many new skills. Jacob enjoys garden club and recess with his classmates. Jacob is a great big brother to James! James is 19 months old and he loves to run and play catch and be silly with his brother.

My name is Bianka, I am a Pediatric Hospitalist; a pediatrician who cares for children when they are ill and admitted to the hospital. In my free time I enjoy time with family, craft time with my boys, and family movie nights. I have a special interest in writing and hope to write a children's book one day. My husband Vicente is automotive technician. The last few years he has enjoyed staying home with Jacob and James, however he does plan to return to his career after James has grown a little older. In his free time he enjoys working on cars, fixing and rebuilding engines, and has an interest in sports cars and racing. As a family we enjoy...

Holsten Family Picture.jpg

We are the Holston Family. I am Jennifer, married to Christian (Chris) and mother of Amberle (7) and Alexander (4). I am originally from Massachusetts and Chris hails from Kansas. We’ve lived in Texas for almost eight years. The kiddos are Texas natives.

Amberle started at NTLA in Pre-K and is now in 2nd grade. The school has nurtured her love for learning and she is a loyal fan. When Amberle is not at school she enjoys riding her bike, playing the piano, dancing and researching butterflies. Someday she wants to be an artist or a “butterfly scientist on the moon.”

Alexander is in Pre-K at NTLA. He thinks Ms. Scott has the “coolest” toys in her classroom. He loves to spend his days building block cities and Hot Wheels roads. He also enjoys riding his tricycle to the doughnut shop, picking flowers for mommy, and reading stories. Someday he wants to be an “experienced construction worker” so he can build a “spaceship house” for his family and friends.

Christian spends his days solving problems, attending meetings, and doing homework. He recently started the...

Pudyk Family (2).jpg

We are a small but unique family of three: William (dad), Lorena (mom) and Walter aka WallyBoy (seven-year-old son). Our family has been enriched by the many cultures, languages, and traditions from our families of origin. I was born and raised in Mexico and grew up speaking Spanish and English. William was born in Detroit. His parents are second generation American-Ukrainian (from his dad's side) and American-Maltese (from his mom's side). So growing up, he was around grandparents who mostly spoke their native languages, Ukrainian and Maltese. He also learned German while in high school. Currently we speak English and Spanish at home.

We met in Mexico. After we got married Michigan was our home for 13 years. I knew I wanted to move south to be closer to my family in Mexico; fortunately William's job made it possible and we moved to Texas in fall 2013. Between moving and finding a new house, we also had a few challenges as Walter had been diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD).

Children with sensory processing issues can be oversensitive to sights, sounds,...

kley family2017.jpg

We - the parents - grew up in Brazil and moved to the US in 1995, when we were in our mid-twenties. Our children are Joshua (8) and Karina (5).

Having experienced different schools and various types of educational methodologies in Brazil, we decided to give NTLA a try, especially when feedback received from parents of other NTLA students was very positive.

Joshua joined NTLA as a first grader and immediately loved the school. He enjoyed all his regularly scheduled classes and had a blast with the after school programs. He experienced different art techniques, learned guitar basics, and started playing chess, cooking, and running. The great variety of activities was a blessing and he was never bored.

When school ended, he missed the activities and his friends and couldn’t wait to return. Second grade was great and he was very excited to get back to school. He just started third grade and still loves everything about NTLA. He enjoys the classes, the trips to the library, and the field trips. He enjoys telling us all about his day when he comes back home and we...

Gunshore Family.jpg

Our family moved to Fort Worth from Pennsylvania in 2016. All of our children attended Project Based Learning schools and programs in the North and we felt strongly about continuing their education in a similar program here in Texas. We were excited to find that the education programs at North Texas Leadership Academy were Project Based.

Besides the Project Based Learning curriculum, NTLA provides monthly field trips to area museums for continued learning, morning leadership classes, daily Spanish classes, and programs in the Arts including fine art, music, and theater. After her first visit, Gina was excited to attend. She talked non-stop about her day there and once again looked forward to school. The fact the school works with her unique learning style and allowed her to move forward in her studies at her own pace is why we encourage families to look into the programs at NTLA.

The school’s program also embraces service projects and has encouraged our Gina to become actively involved in her community. We watched our shy and sometimes introvert child blossom into a...

Kouri family.png

There are seven of us in the Kouri family. Jason, Keri, Joshua (17), Matthew (16), Shawn (13), Joseph (11), and Sammy (7). We moved here five years ago this June from the San Diego area. We knew we wanted a better long-term environment where we could raise our five boys, and have more opportunities for Jason to practice medicine and develop our growing companies.

As a family we enjoy spending time together outdoors, parks, recreation, and time with friends and our church family. All of the boys enjoy airsofting with their friends and each other. We also make it a priority to have family dinners, and Sunday afternoon lunches together. The older the boys get, the busier our lives become with school, jobs, businesses, and friends. We focus on life discussions, goals, dreams, and how the boys want to live long-term as well as long-term family goals. You can imagine at times the loud craziness that accompanies six males in the household, with all the different schedules and personalities. We love to get away from busy life for an annual trip to Jellystone Park. Or a yearly trip...


We are the Etheridge Family and we have three children; Austin (11), Reagan (9), and Fontaine (5). We are an international family! Jim was born in Spain and I, Kay, was born in Thailand. We met in Thailand and have been married for 13 years. Jim is self-employed as an Intellectual Property lawyer. I work part-time as a legal assistant and a math tutor.

After starting a family, Jim wanted to move back to his beloved Texas. We left California to come back to Texas eight years ago. Having a young family, our main goal was to move to a better place with a top notch school district. That is why we ended up in Southlake. However, once our children reached school age, we were disappointed and frustrated with the education plan of the public school. The main goal of the district in primary school was to bring all students up to an average level. In the lower grade levels, not much was done for students already near the top of their class. We worked with SAGT and other parent groups, but after four years, we decided we needed a new plan.

We knew that finding a better school...

Galegher Family.JPG

We are the Galeghers. Sean is a police officer for the City of Fort Worth, and I (Marilyn) am an administrative assistant for Education in Action. I also volunteer as the Parent Liaison for North Texas Leadership Academy (NTLA). Liam, Jackson, and Maggie are all students at NTLA. Liam is in 4th grade, Jackson is in 2nd grade, and Maggie is in the PreKindergarten class.

I grew up in the Fort Worth area, and Sean is from the Houston area. We met at the University of Texas in Austin, lived in the Houston area for two years, moved to Maryland just after we got married, where Liam and Jackson were born, and then came back to Texas after seven years in Maryland. (Raising kids away from family is hard, y’all!) Before we had kids, we were very active in triathlon and Cyclocross racing. We have continued our love of the outdoors through running (especially on the trails!), hiking, and camping. We love to visit Colorado in the summertime, and we LOVE watching baseball! Liam enjoys playing baseball, swimming, acting, Pokemon, and reading; Jackson loves Star Wars, playing soccer and...


We have three children. Phoebe our eldest is 5 years old and enrolled in Ms. Kelt's kindergarten class at NTLA. She enjoys reading, writing, art, cooking, soccer, swimming, ballet, and music among other things! She also loves playing with her siblings, is a great role model and gives the sweetest hugs. Little sister Soleil is 3 years old and attends class one day per week at the Fort Worth Science Museum. She loves puzzles and builds at least two or three per day. Our youngest, Lachlan is 1 ½ and into airplanes, hiding puzzle pieces, throwing objects and dressing up with his sisters. He also loves dogs.

Michael is employed as a software developer and system administrator at Sabre Inc in Southlake. He originally obtained a degree in zoology specializing in ornithology at the University of Florida. Before software development, he worked in Florida rehabilitating wildlife and then as a state park ranger. Soon after Michael and Sarah met, he wooed her with his bird watching and song identifying skills. If you ever have the opportunity, ask him to demonstrate his Pied Piper-like...

Tei Family.jpg

We are the Tei Family. My husband Nana is an engineer at Lockheed Martin. I, Kami, am a business consultant at Southwest Airlines. We are transplants to North Texas who have lived in the area for 11 years. We are parents to Kumi who is four years old and in the pre-K4 class at North Texas Leadership Academy (NTLA). Kumi is a sweet and funny little boy who enjoys playing with his cars, doing puzzles and dancing.

Kumi started attending NTLA as a three year old in the pre-K3 class. When looking for care, we wanted Kumi in a program that provided small class sizes, a structured class schedule, and a strong learning environment. We found this at NTLA. We love the small class sizes and individual time he is able to spend with his teachers. In his two years here, we have seen improvements in his writing and growth in his math ability. Through the foundation set at NTLA, he started reading this past summer and is steadily advancing those skills throughout this school year.

I also love the community the school has created. Most of the children in the school know each other....

Young Family.jpg

We are the Young family. Our fearless leader is Greg, who runs Russell Industries in Fort Worth. He loves hunting, fishing, and being involved in Blast and Cast Ministries. My name is Kaylynn, and I practice medicine part-time as a Physician Assistant at North Hills Family Medicine. I enjoy reading, doing crossfit, and watching my kids do all their many activities. We have two children, Caleb who is 10 years old, and Lexie who is 7 years old. Caleb loves playing soccer, the guitar, and building or inventing most any project. Lexie enjoys playing soccer, football, and playing with shopkins. Both children are avid readers as well.

Our son Caleb started Kindergarten at a local public school where it was quickly apparent that he was ahead of most of the students within his class. He wasn’t growing as we knew he should and was bored with school. By first grade we were searching for a more appropriate learning environment for Caleb and found North Texas Leadership Academy online. The description of its project based learning, individual lesson plans, and small teacher to student...