North Texas Leadership Academy Student Council Earns Statewide Recognition

For outstanding achievement in leadership, service, and activities that serve to improve the school and community, North Texas Leadership Academy has been recognized by the Texas Association of Student Councils (TASC) in the area of Outstanding Community Service. TASC has 1,269 member schools. Of those, North Texas Leadership Academy is one of only 329 student councils statewide to receive this highly-esteemed honor. With fewer than 1/3 of our members submitting Community Service Reports, the monies donated, the value of the goods donated, and the service hours (valuing the hours at $7.25 an hour) comes to a total of 35 and ½ million dollars.

“Student council helps students build leadership skills to be productive and active participants in their school and in the community,” said Sara Schroeder, North Texas Leadership Academy Student Council Advisor. “Through student council, our students learn positive character traits and how to be influential leaders.”

Student Council members develop proven skills in team building, problem-solving, project planning, and decision-making. Through their co-curricular activities, student council members serve their communities while strengthening their academic and civic skills. Jacob Pasteur, member of North Texas Leadership Academy’s student council expressed his excitement in earning this recognition saying, “I am so proud of my student council for such an amazing achievement. It fills me with pride, especially because we are a small council.”

North Texas Leadership Academy Student Council members include Alea Breault, Austin Etheridge, Liam Galegher, Gina Gunshore, Joseph Kouri, Landry Luebbert, Piper Orcutt, Jacob Pasteur, Chay Reeves, Cameron Swank, and Caleb Young.

TASC is a non-profit serving high school and middle level student councils in Texas. Sponsored by the Texas Association of Secondary School Principals, its purposes are to develop leadership abilities in students, promote democracy as a way of life, and uphold high standards for local councils. With almost 1,200 member schools, it is the largest state student leadership organization in the US.