MAP testing October 2018.jpg

MAP® testing supplements NTLA’s individualized curriculum

Earlier this month, NTLA’s 1st-4th grade leaders completed Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) testing in Math and Language Arts/Reading. The MAP® test is a personalized assessment and measures each student’s individual progress and growth. NTLA administers MAP® testing each fall and spring.

MAP® testing is a great tool for the individualized curriculum and instruction NTLA provides because the results show where each student is academically in each subject, regardless of their age-based grade level. “NTLA students advance through material at their own pace,” said Ms. Jennifer Pasteur, NTLA’s Head of School. “The MAP® test results help teachers focus on each student’s strengths and help them with their challenges.” “I use MAP® test results to group the students in math and to see areas where they might need more help,” stated Ms. Erica Clark, NTLA Educator. “Many of my students are ahead of grade level. Once they’ve mastered the content, we just keep on going!”

MAP® testing also measures NTLA students' academic progress each school year. In contrast to state standardized grade level achievement testing where the test is heavily emphasized and instruction often focuses on “teaching to the test”, MAP® testing simply measures overall academic progress. “I really like how MAP testing shows me where my children are academically relative to their peers without the stress of standardized testing,” said Ms. Marilyn Galegher, NTLA Parent.

NTLA is proud to offer the opportunity for students to learn and grow at their own pace and to be challenged academically each day. In addition to individualized curriculum, NTLA offers Project Based Learning, daily leadership and Spanish classes, quarterly service projects, and numerous excursions to supplement learning. For more information, visit, email, or call 817-562-2931.