NTLA leaders volunteer with Catholic Charities of Fort Worth

Leaders volunteer with Catholic Charities of Fort Worth

Service is an integral part of learning at North Texas Leadership Academy and all students participate in quarterly service projects. This school year North Texas Leadership Academy’s first-fourth grade leaders’ first quarter service project focused on volunteering. The leaders chose to serve Catholic Charities of Fort Worth.

On October 29th, our first-fourth grade leaders traveled to Catholic Charities of Fort Worth where they were greeted by Mr. John Elwell, Volunteer Groups & In-Kind Services Manager. Mr. Elwell taught the leaders what Catholic Charities does for the community including serving the homeless, elderly, children and their families, immigrants, and refugees. After learning about the organization and touring their donation facility, the leaders sorted school supplies received in a large donation of backpacks. They organized and placed the supplies onto labeled shelves. The leaders’ efforts will help the organization be ready for the new year as Mr. Elwell shared that the biggest demand for school supplies was in January and in August.

Jackson, NTLA 4th grader, said “I had a really good time at Catholic Charities and it was really cool helping them because I knew it was the right thing and I learned the difference between a refugee and an immigrant.” Brooke, NTLA 2nd grader, stated, “I learned that everyone does not have a home and food like we do. When we were helping to sort the backpacks, I felt amazing because I knew that every kid does not have parents or family to take care of them.” View a photo gallery of pictures from the leaders' visit to Catholic Charities of Fort Worth.

The leaders enjoyed learning about and volunteering with Catholic Charities of Fort Worth. Their next service-learning project will be adopting a family for the holidays through the Lena Pope organization.