Quarterly Service Projects

Celebrating the Holidays Through Service

Every quarter NTLA students do a service learning project in our community. This quarter the 1st-7th graders adopted five children from the Lena Pope Home Organization’s Angel Tree.

NTLA students had to work around the house, do chores, or sell something to make money in order to buy gifts for the children from Walmart. Any of the 4th-7th graders that donated money by a certain date got to go to Walmart with a representative from each 1st-3rd grade class to buy the Christmas presents for the children. We used the money we had earned. Every morning of the past week we went onto Walmart.com and searched for toys and books based off of what the children had written down that they liked. We took the lists to Walmart. The 4th-7th graders split into two groups and got gifts for two eleven year olds. The first and second graders bought gifts for two seven year olds, and the third graders bought gifts for a nine year old. Shopping at Walmart was fun, I wish I could be there to see the looks on their faces when they open their presents. It’s exciting because the children are all in the same family so we were able to plan our gifts knowing all the gifts were going to the same home. I’m glad I was able to help children less fortunate than I and I hope to do it again next year.

The 1st-7th graders participated in this project benefiting families served by the Lena Pope organization's Angel Tree. In addition, the PreK-Kindergarten leaders each donated a toy to Toys for Tots for their second quarter service project. Toys for Tots Slideshow