Biz World

This unit, in math, we learned about business. We were put into groups and had to name our company. Our name was Bio Bracelets. We all made friendship bracelets. We did the Chinese ladder and the colors of each bracelet were based off of zodiac signs. We learned about finance, supply and demand, and why we need to patent our products. We were selected for jobs from our resume. I got CEO. We also had to make a commercial. I got a bracelet and the zodiac, Libra, appeared. It was actually a kid holding buckets on each arm. He followed me everywhere and did everything with me. We edited it and it looked really good. We had to write things down in our ledgers. We had to pay for many expenses. It was all so very fun! On a field trip we got to go into a bank and practice using the pneumatic tubes in the drive-through. We talked about applying for loans. We also saw the vault. I think this unit was a lot of fun!