What time does school start?

A typical day at NTLA begins at 7:45 am. NTLA encourages parents to attend this time in the morning with their child. The first 15 minutes of the day is a time where students may eat breakfast (provided by parents), socialize with their peers and share updates about leadership and community service projects. Complimentary coffee is provided for parents during this time. The learning day begins promptly at 8:00 am and ends at 3:30pm for PreK and Kindergarten and 3:45pm for 1st-4th grade.

NTLA provides a rigorous curriculum for students. What exactly does that mean?

NTLA’s curriculum is designed to challenge students as they advance so it is possible for students to receive instruction above grade level to meet their needs. This advanced curriculum is designed by teachers to meet the needs of bright and gifted students. If a student has mastered all concepts in their grade level, they are provided instruction on the next grade level. NTLA uses a project-based curriculum which allows for teachers to continually assess and determine appropriate curriculum for each student. With class sizes no larger than 12, students have the benefit of individualized instruction and the freedom to learn at an advanced level.

Is there research to support that Project Based Learning works?

NTLA believes in educating the whole child and preparing them for the future which is why we choose to use a Project Based Learning (PBL) Curriculum. PBL encompasses all aspects of a 21st Century Learner including critical thinking and problem solving, collaboration, communication, and creativity. For more information on over fifty research studies that confirm the success of Project Based Learning visit: http://www.bie.org/research.

Do NTLA students take the STAAR test?

NTLA students do not take state standardized tests. They do, however, take an annual Measures of Academic Progress® (MAP®) test. The MAP® test creates a personalized assessment experience by adapting to each student’s learning level—precisely measuring student progress and growth for each individual. MAP®) The test measures NTLA students' academic progress each school year. For more information, visit www.nwea.org.

Are students required to meet certain academic standards for enrollment?

NTLA is dedicated to serving bright and gifted students and welcomes all students who have a passion for learning and making a difference in their community. The academic environment is designed specifically for bright children in order to provide a social community that empowers each student’s sense of self. NTLA does not have a minimum IQ level for admission, but students must at least perform on grade level in all core subjects or show academic advancement in at least one core subject.

I noticed that NTLA starts their school year earlier than most schools. Why is this?

NTLA uses an extended academic calendar. Research shows that students who experience more of a year-round school experience retain information longer and learn at a faster pace. The NTLA school year begins around the 2nd week of August and ends the last week of May. Students are given several breaks during the school year for rest and relaxation before returning to the rigorous curriculum.

Are uniforms required at North Texas Leadership Academy?

Yes, students are required to wear a red, white or navy polo shirt with khaki or navy shorts, pants or skirts/skorts (for girls). During winter weather students may wear long-sleeve, collared, button-up red, blue, or white shirts. Families may purchase school spirit shirts and sweatshirts at the school store and students may wear these items on designated Spirit Days.

Can students purchase a lunch from North Texas Leadership Academy?

Students must bring their lunch each day. Refrigerators and microwaves are available.