At NTLA we believe that through helping others we better ourselves, our community and the world. As a part of NTLA’s Leadership Development classes students learn the importance of serving their community. Students research the needs of their community and meet as a group to determine how they can best help others. They then design and direct quarterly community service projects that will make a positive impact. Students share their progress with their peers during Leadership Development classes and also showcase the impact they made with their efforts to their families and local community members at NTLA’s annual community service reception “Be the Change.” We are proud of the work our students do in their community and the leaders they become.

School Wide Projects


Diaper Drive for Hurricane Harvey

PreK and Kinder leaders collected diapers and other baby supplies for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. Leaders were excited to be able to help others that were affected by the hurricane.

Lena Pope Service Learning.jpg

Lena Pope: Adopt-a-Family

1st-6th grade leaders adopted families through the Lena Pope Adopt-a-Family program. Leaders worked on chores around the house to earn money to contribute to the families. Leaders shopped at Walmart to purchase the families' wish list items. Leaders enjoyed learning about the children in the families and providing gifts for the holiday season.

Food Drive (1).png

Food and Supply Drives

Leaders participated in three different food drives to help others. The 4th-6th grade leaders collected 241 canned items for the Tarrant Area Food Bank, the 1st-3rd grade leaders rounded up 87 canned and boxed items for the Roanoke Food Pantry, and the PreK and Kinder leaders gathered paper goods and food for the Ronald McDonald House of Fort Worth.

Individual & Group Projects

While most quarterly service projects are schoolwide, each school year's fourth quarter project provides leaders with the opportunity to branch out on their own or as a small group. The leaders select and organization, meet with a representative of the organization to determine the organization's needs and how they can help, and then create and implement a plan to help serve the organization. Read on to see how NTLA leaders served their community!

PreK BTC Pictures 2018.png

Savannah, Channing, Colton, Xander, Cooper, Jacob, Dominic, and Noah

Adopt-A-Street - Each year, in lieu of an individual/group project, the PreK leaders work on the same project. Each leader, with their family, makes time to collect trash on NTLA's Adopt-a-Street in Keller. They do a great job of keeping it looking great!

Galegher BTC.jpg

Jackson, Liam, and Maggie

6 Stones - 6 Stones helps people by having a food pantry and clothes department for people to get clothes. We helped them by having a lemonade stand and collecting donations. We collected 46 pairs of men's pants, 34 pairs of men's jeans, 137 pair of socks, 143 pair of underwear, and 140 pounds of food. It made us feel good to give them all our donations. We learned that there are other people that aren't as lucky as us and we need to help them.


Brooke and Lane

Nature's Edge Wildlife and Reptile Rescue - Nature's Edge Wildlife and Reptile Rescue is a wildlife rehabilitation and reptile rescue that helps animals in need. They also provide educational programs. We set up a lemonade stand and raised $55. We added the $55 to other donations we received and were able to purchase a rabbit hutch and a small animal cage off the organization's Amazon wishlist. We also collected detergent, puppy pads, dish soap, hand soap, sheets, blankets, and newspapers. We enjoyed helping animals out.

Avery Rude.png


Refugee Services of DFW International - Refugees are people who come from all over the world. They leave their homes and come to a new place. Refugee Services helps them by providing food, toys and clothes. We collected school books and supplies for them. We felt happy that the refugees received things that helped them enjoy their new homes in the United States.


Clark, Helena and Reid

Ridglea Christian Church - Jubilee Garden- We enjoyed working in the garden and providing food for those in need. We made and sold homemade pickles to help purchase seeds and other garden supplies for the Jubilee Garden.

Tei_Kumi BTC.jpg


Gladney Center for Adoption - The Gladney Center for Adoption helps families adopt children. I collected 37 stuffed bears for children going through the adoption process. It felt good to collect bears to give to other kids my age. A donation of $137 was also made to the organization.

Lucas Cooper.png

Lucas and Cooper

Animal Advocates of North Texas - We had a lemonade stand and collected $42 for the organization. Our mother also set up a Go Fund Me account to help raise money for the organization. In all we collected $275 for Animal Advocates of North Texas to help animals in the shelter.

Calvin_Corinne BTC 2018.jpg


ACH Services - ACH Services provides foster, adoption, and family services. I donated birthday surprise bags for children to have when they are at the center. I learned a lot from visiting the center to learn how they help children.

HSNT Service Project Picture 2018.jpeg

Amberle, Gursaroop, Walter, and Ryan

Humane Society of North Texas - Humane Society of North Texas advocates on behalf of all animals to ensure their safety and well-being. We volunteered at the Humane Society of North Texas to give loving and cuddles to the animal residents. We had fun learning about the organization and giving hugs to the animals.

Orion Jean 2.jpg


Tango Tab - Tango Tab helps feed the homeless in Plano, Dallas, and more. I donated time making meals with all sorts of things. The team I worked with made over 25,000 sandwiches to feed others. I also spread awareness by providing the app to others.

Joshua Ryan.png

Joshua and Ryan

Humane Society of North Texas - Humane Society of North Texas advocates on behalf of all animals to ensure their safety and well-being. We collected supplies and took donated supplies to the shelter for the animals.

Michael Bate 1.JPG


Project Linus - Project Linus collects hand-tied or sew blankets for kids in the hospital. I decided to make blankets using a sewing machine to donate to the kids. The hardest part of the project was learning how to sew straight. It felt great knowing that other kids received something warm to cuddle with when they were in the hospital.

Kley_Karina BTC.jpg


Victory Therapy Center - Victory Therapy Center uses the healing power of horses for physical, mental, and emotional needs of children, adults, veterans, and first responders, and their families. I visited with the director and saw the horses. We brought supplies to the center to help with the horses. I enjoyed seeing all the pretty horses.



Cafe Momentum - Cafe Momentum provides an internship program for young men and women coming out of juvenile facilities. I collected money for the organization and donated it to them.


Austin, Fontaine, & Reagan

Keep Keller Beautiful - Partnering with the City of Keller, we went to clean up a park in Keller. We collected trash and even large items such as a metal pool. We were surprised by the amount of trash we collected... 40 bags! We learned that we all need to work to keep our environment clean and litter free.



Community Storehouse - Community Storehouse provides food and clothing to people in need. I collected needed supplies from a list that Community Storehouse gave to us. It felt good to help people in need.

Aguilar_Max BTC.jpg


Met Life Church Food Pantry - Met Life Church Food Pantry provides food to those in need. I set up a lemonade stand with a friend and raised $42.00. I purchased food items to donate to the food pantry so that other children and families can eat.

Tabony_Madison BTC.jpg


Dallas Children's Medical Hospital - I chose this organization because I have a family member who works with them. I collected donations and stuffed animals for children in the hospital. I was also able to volunteer my time at the hospital and learn about what they do to help others.

Dont Forget.png

Lillian, Aria, Caleb, and Lexie

Don't Forget to Feed Me - We chose Don't Forget to Feed Me because we wanted to help feed the animals. We collected donations of food and supplies for the organization. We also volunteered our time at the organization helping to sort out dog food. We collected over 300 pounds of food for animals.

Pasteur_Jacob BTC.jpg


Broadway Baptist Church - Mobile Food Pantry - Broadway Baptist Church Mobile Food Pantry provides food to people who are in need. I took up a collection of canned goodies from friends and neighbors. The director of the program was happy when I presented them with the food. It makes me feel good to know that I am making a different in my community.