Early Childhood


North Texas Leadership Academy provides a hands-on and developmentally appropriate Early Childhood curriculum for bright and gifted four-year-olds. Our curriculum integrates mathematics, language arts, science, social studies, perceptual-motor activities, music, Spanish, art, and physical education. Students are taught how to use technology to assist their learning in the classroom. NTLA provides an individualized early childhood curriculum that provides a strong base for future learning.


NTLA offers full-day four and five day a week options for Pre-Kindergarten 4 students. We believe in providing students with an environment in which they can explore their creativity and engage in meaningful activities. Our Pre-Kindergarten program includes numerous community visitors that supplement the hands-on curriculum. Students also benefit from daily Spanish and leadership development classes, focusing on developing effective habits for building independence, self-esteem, and an understanding of the need for community service. We believe in developing the whole child, not just teaching skills and concepts.

It is our goal to create lifelong learners who have a passion for learning and leading. We expect all our students to believe their impact on the world is important and they can make a difference in their community.