"Real world interactions with professionals. Excursions as a part of learning. Project based learning. Small classroom sizes (student teacher ratio). Strong focus on teaching leadership principles and making a positive impact to the community through serving and giving."

-Will P., NTLA Parent

"My daughter did Pre-K and first grade in public school. She was really struggling with reading and I used to lose my patience when we would sit every evening practicing. She was already so tired from school and all that homework and it was very stressful. We are at NTLA since three months and her reading improved a lot, our evenings are more relaxed and she starts to find joy in her books because she knows she is doing much better! The teacher/student ratio is great because she has so much 1:1 time with her teachers. They also do so many great projects and have field trips to important places. This school is like a big family and we love it."

-Lexi F., NTLA Parent

"We became a part of the NTLA family in 2015 and have been nothing short of impressed by what this school has to offer! Leaders receive individualized lessons plans, instruction from teachers who are experts in their content areas, and an abundance of opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge through Project Based Learning and learning excursions. NTLA offers small class sizes (no more than 12 leaders per class). The faculty, staff, and parents are incredibly helpful and supportive. Our little leader is currently in her first semester of first grade and will start second grade curriculum soon. We truly believe that this would not be possible without the one-on-one instruction provided by the fantastic teachers at NTLA. We could not have asked for a better learning environment for our little scholar!"

-Victoria C., NTLA Parent