NTLA was developed with the high-achieving students in mind to provide a place where students are not only challenged, but also encouraged to excel. Several years ago the Executive Director, Jennifer Pasteur, was searching for a school that allowed her child to work at his advanced level and at his own rate instead of at the average level of his class. In schools she toured she kept encountering the same issue - schools either didn’t believe in that philosophy or said they would challenge her son but didn’t have a plan to make it happen. Ms. Pasteur felt students needed to be provided individualized and rigorous curriculum with the ability to advance at their own pace. NTLA was created based on this philosophy to support high-achieving students in becoming lifelong learners and leaders. With her experience as a high school government teacher, a Masters in Education Administration, and a background in business with Education in Action, a non-profit educational organization that provides students with weeklong hands-on learning summer camps, North Texas Leadership Academy was born.