Family of the Month

November 2018

Bate Family.JPG

The Bate Family

Hello everyone! We are the Bate family. Our son Michael attends 3rd grade and our daughter Savannah attends Kindergarten. This is the second year our children have attended NTLA.

We have been pleased with how our children have flourished at NTLA with the help of the small class sizes, the hands-on learning projects, the frequent class trips, and library research for their school projects. We like how our children can work at their own pace and work ahead in areas in which they excel while taking extra time in areas that challenge them.

Ted is a pilot for American Airlines flying the 767 out of DFW airport and Joy is an Optometrist in Haslet and has a PhD focusing on vision research. We enjoy traveling and showing our children new places and things. The kids especially enjoy building and making things, and visiting science and history museums. Our favorite trip so far this year was to Germany and the Netherlands and our kids loved visiting The Nemo science museum.

Our children’s favorite activity is the after school robotics course that is part of the after school activities offered at NTLA. Our son’s hobbies include science experiments and building things with Dad, video games, Star Wars, and Legos. Our daughter enjoys the gardening and cooking times, music, art, math, and Spanish courses at NTLA. Her teachers have let her advance ahead in math at her own pace. Her hobbies include gymnastics, drawing, crafting and cooking with Mom, legos, and creating stories and songs about her toys and dolls. Both kids are also active in Scouts.

We’re glad to have found a school that lets them learn in the way they learn best. Having such a wonderful opportunity to learn hands-on is a great advantage for the students at NTLA!