Family of the Month

May 2018

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The Cloud-Morales Family - Megan, Reid, Helena, and Clark

Hi! We are the Cloud-Morales crew: Megan (mom), Reid (8), Helena (6), and Clark (4). I (Megan) am originally from Fort Worth, but after experiencing life in New York City, Philadelphia, Tacoma, and San Antonio, finally made my way back. Clark and Helena were born in San Antonio. Reid is our only family member not born in the great state of Texas; he was born in Washington.

I am in my second year of law school, while the kids are in 2nd grade, Kindergarten, and Pre-K. When they aren’t in school the boys love to play outside, ride their bikes, and build with Legos. Reid enjoys playing soccer, flag football, and basketball. Helena enjoys gardening, art, ballet and cooking, especially “beautiful desserts and pastries.” Reid and Helena are both avid readers. Clark is a world-class snuggler and puzzle savant. Our whole family loves to travel.

I originally planned to homeschool. Plans changed and when I needed to send the kids to school, I looked specifically for a school that would stretch and grow the kids’ strengths, but would also slow down when it was needed. I also wanted a school that would instill qualities like empathy and servant-leadership. NTLA provides everything that I wanted my kids to have in a homeschool experience and more. I am so grateful for our NTLA family.

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