Family of the Month

February 2019

Shamika and Seth DeSilva-Rannulu - Family of the Month

DeSilva-Rannulu Family

We are the DeSilva-Rannulu family. Our leader, Seth (5), started kindergarten at NTLA in fall of 2018. I’m Seth’s mom, Shamika. Myself and Seth's grandparents are thrilled with the progress he has made thus far at NTLA. He has blossomed from a very shy little boy to be most talkative and outgoing. In his toddler years, Seth had an issue with hearing (fluid in the middle ear). After three sets of tubes/adenoidectomy/tonsillectomy and two years of speech therapy, he is now able to catch up with his peers. Seth loves to play with Lego sets, ride his bike, help his mom/grand mom with chores, and try various types of food. He loves all his teachers at NTLA tremendously!

Seth's dad is a board-certified pediatrician (completed his training at Richmond University Medical Center, Staten Island, NY) who worked for Crystal Run Health Care in NY and Children's Health in TX. Currently, he works at, and owns, two practices; one in Duncanville and Fort Worth.

I did my studies (Baruch College CUNY - Zicklin School of Business and New York Law School) and worked (Morgan Stanley and Merrill Lynch) in New York. Currently, I work for Options Clearing Corporation, Cypress Waters, in Coppell. We moved from New York to Texas in 2013. Seth and I enjoy the mild winters and long summers in Texas which allow us to do more gardening and spend more time outdoors.

When I was searching for a private school to put my son in for kindergarten, the main thing I looked for was individualized curriculum. I knew Seth would be good at analytical subjects, but would be little behind in language. After attending NTLA, I am ecstatic that not only he is talking like a pro, but his reading skills are exemplary for his age as well. NTLA exposes Seth to a third language, Spanish, (he speaks another language at home as well) and it is a plus. Overall, we love NTLA and are happy to be a part of the NTLA family!