Family of the Month

April 2018


The Koonce Family - Aaron, Anne, Lucas, and Cooper

We are the Koonce family. Lucas Koonce is six years old and Cooper Koonce is four years old. Lucas joined NTLA in the fall of 2015, and Cooper followed in the fall of 2017. Lucas loves NTLA. He is always excited for a new unit because he loves to do projects. He even comes up with his own projects and gets mom and dad to help with them on the weekends! He loves science, gardening, cooking class, and aftercare with his friends. Cooper has blossomed at NTLA in his first year. His favorite things are music, art and getting dirty at recess. He absolutely loves Ms. Scott. My name is Aaron. I am a Finance Manager for Orthofix in Lewisville. In my free time I enjoy time with the family outdoors, doing projects with the boys, exercising, and making music. My wife Anne is in medical sales. She enjoys staying busy with her career and keeping up with our two boys. In her free time she enjoys doing crafts and projects with the boys, pampering herself, and walking the dog. We have really enjoyed being a part of the NTLA family. It has enriched our lives, and we are grateful for the awesome staff and volunteers.

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