Family of the Month

March 2019

Purser family pic.jpg

Purser Family

Howdy! We are the Purser family. Our leader, Reagan, started kindergarten at NTLA mid-year. NTLA’s staff has eased our daughter’s transition to a new school with skilled ease and grace. We are so thankful to have found NTLA. Our daughter is thriving both academically and behaviorally under their guidance.

In addition to their mission of teaching the leaders about personal responsibility as well as the importance of community service and commitment to others, the curriculum has proven to be invaluable for our child who was advanced in many areas academically. Developmentally, however, she was not ready to progress to a higher classroom. NTLA’s commitment to individual variation has played a huge role in reigniting her interest in learning.

Being challenged on an individual level in a developmentally appropriate manner has already had a great impact in helping our leader reach her potential. In her free time, Reagan enjoys horseback riding (English Equestrian), playing Mario Brothers, and spending time with friends. One day she hopes to be a veterinarian, firefighter, scientist, and police k9 handler (yes, all of them!).

Mom hails from the state of California and Dad hails from North Carolina. Mom and Dad met in Israel while mom was in her undergraduate program and Dad while was stationed in Egypt. Our family settled in Fort Worth in 2016 after Nick (Dad) separated from the Army, having spent well over a decade as a flight paramedic. He now works as a Protective Security Specialist. Shaina (Mom) has a background in digital marketing, however, she recently returned to school to pursue her desire to become a mental health counselor and is completing her MSW at UTA.