Art Course Descriptions

Art, Music, and Theater are important aspects of the NTLA curriculum. Students spend time weekly in each domain as they learn to creatively express their thoughts and ideas artistically, musically, and dramatically while challenging their imagination and building on their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students are encouraged to explore these elements in the core subjects as well and often incorporate what they have learned about expression, perception, evaluation, and culture in their daily leadership lessons.


NTLA students participate in designated Art classes throughout the week. In addition, Art is integrated into all core subjects as a part of the Project Based Learning curriculum. Several times a year students work with local artists who lend their expertise to NTLA. Students are encouraged to use their artistic skills while planning community service projects as a way to attract support for their cause.


NTLA is proud to present two school-wide dramatic performances each year. All students are encouraged to be a part of the performances, having the choice to be actors, choir members, lighting and sound, costume and set design, stage hands, or director. Teachers at NTLA know the importance of using theatre skills in the core subjects as well. Students use what they have learned about presentation, expression, and self-awareness in their daily lives at NTLA.


Music is an essential part of learning at NTLA. Students participate in music classes throughout the week and enjoy monthly visits from local musicians who share their love of music. Teachers incorporate music in the Project Based Learning curriculum. Enrichment opportunities are also available for students who are interested in pursuing instruction in private and/or group instrument or voice lessons. Contact the school for more information.

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