Upper School


Middle and Upper School - Grades 6-8

North Texas Leadership Academy’s Upper School (grades 6-8) believes in providing a strong foundation for bright and gifted students planning on pursuing a university education and beyond. The Upper School’s Project-Based Learning curriculum is just as advanced and rigorous as our Lower School and provides for the whole child. Hands-on learning and application of skills is a main focus in the curriculum, as is exposing students to world cultures and college curriculum.

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In addition to receiving instruction in all core classes, students continue their instruction in leadership development and are encouraged to pursue a 3rd language once they have mastered Spanish. North Texas Leadership Academy encourages students to become involved in campus and community organizations that help them develop as individuals and leaders. Students hold leadership positions within the school that fit their interests and strengths.

Upper School students also take part in several off-campus learning experiences that are aligned with the curriculum and allow students to apply the skills they use in a real-world environment. Examples of these off-campus learning opportunities include science exploration at the Perot Museum, environmental investigations at the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, math discovery at the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, reading expeditions at the Texas Storytelling Festival, community awareness at the Humane Society of North Texas, and volunteerism at the Tarrant County Food Bank. At NTLA we are building the future, one leader at a time. Come join us!

NTLA partners with UT Austin's on-line high school so students may received high school credits before their high school years. Students who are deemed ready to take a high school course may do so at NTLA through UT's accredited high school. Any completed classes transfer directly to high school for credit. This includes all subjects: Spanish, ELAR, Math, etc.

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