At NTLA we believe that through helping others we better ourselves, our community and the world. As a part of NTLA’s Leadership Development classes students learn the importance of serving their community. Students research the needs of their community and meet as a group to determine how they can best help others. They then design and direct quarterly community service projects that will make a positive impact. Students share their progress with their peers during Leadership Development classes and also showcase the impact they made with their efforts to their families and local community members at NTLA’s annual community service reception “Be the Change.” We are proud of the work our students do in their community and the leaders they become.

6 stones.jpg

Jackson Galegher, Liam Galegher, Brooke Hayes & Lane Hayes

6 Stones - We chose 6 stones because they needed support. They help people by having a food pantry and clothes department. We helped them by having a lemonade stand and collecting donations. We raised $242 and many donations. It made us feel good to give them all our donations. We learned that there are other people that aren't as lucky as us and we need to help them.


Channing Burr, Sarah Carter, Zach Carter, Annika Cotton, Theo Cotton, Maggie Galegher, Daniel Olavarrieta, Avery Rude, Micaela Vanderhule, & Brooklynn Williams


Noah Williams =HSNT.jpg

Noah Williams  

Humane Society of North Texas

phoebe DelGrosso_Patryk Moore_Kumi Tei - DFW International Refugee Services.jpg

Phoebe DelGrosso, Patryk Moore & Kumi Tei

Refugee Services of DFW International - Refugees are people who come from all over the world. They leave their homes and come to a new place. Refugee Services helps them by providing food, toys and clothes. We contributed by collecting food, toys and clothing for them. We felt happy that they refugees received things that helped them enjoy their new homes in the United States.

clark morales.jpg

Clark Morales, Helena Morales & Reid Morales

Fox Food Box - They are sponsored by Fellowship of Love Church. They assist homeless and elderly people by giving them food, water and clothes. We donated food, scarves and blankets. We felt glad that people were warm and had food in their tummies.

Aria_Mcgee_Roanoke Food Pantry.jpg

Aria McGee Roanoke Food Pantry

Roanoke Food Pantry - They help people survive by developing life skills. Sometimes they assist others in getting a job. They give away food, clothes, furniture and toys. I raised money to help with their goals by putting up signs with requests for donations of canned goods and or money. I feel happy that I helped people live and have a better life.


Sophia Ogundele

March of Dimes - They help babies who are born too soon. They raise money by sponsoring the walk, March for Babies. When my brother, Josiah was born he spent 234 days in the NICU. I raised $1,030 when I participated in March for Babies with my family this year. I hope this money will help pay for research against permaturity and for the needs of other sick babies. Thankfully, Josiah is a healthy little boy now who makes us proud.


Xander Clark & Lucas Koonce

Reins for Hope - They provide riding lessons for children and adults who have disabilities. We raised $381 to buy feed for the older horses. We donated this money for the feed. Reins of Hope can give more people riding lessons. We chose this project because we wanted to feed the horses and help the riders.


Corinne Calvin

Legend Assisted Living & Memory Care - I chose Legend because I care for elderly people that can't take care of themselves. They take care of people that can't take care of themselves. I made pictures for them and the pictures made them happy.

lillian farris.png

Lillian Farris, Aveer Kahlon, Gurasroop Kahlon, Walter Pudyk & Bella Tamez

North Texas Humane Society

Orion_Jean_Tango the City.jpg

Orion Jean

Tango Tab - They help feed the homeless in Plano, Dallas and more. I donated time making meals with all sorts of things. I fed 10 but with the organization we made 1,346 meals. I learned that whether you are feeding 1 person or 1,000, it all matters. I also learned that there is an app for my orgainization.

Amberle_Classy Cats.jpg

Amberle Holston & Ryan Reed

Classy Cats - We picked Classy Cats because we wanted to take care of cats. They take care of cats that do not have homes in Keller and Petsmart. We got in the big cage and cleaned it and played with them. It made the cats happy.

Ryan Regalado_Snowball Express.JPG

Ryan Regalado

Snowball Express - I chose Snowball Express because I thought it was fun. They help families of fallen soldiers. I went to the airport and clapped for families. The people were happy and smiling. I learned they honor fallen soldiers by giving their families nice trips.

joshua kley.jpg

Joshua Kley

Presbyterian Night Shelter - I chose the night shelter because they help people that have no homes. They help with job training, employment assistance, life skills and education. I earned the money from raking leaves in my front yard and all of my chores. I used the money to buy toiletries so they could take a shower. I learned the Presbyterian Night Shelter has over 670 people every night.

Ivan Cotton.jpg

Ivan Cotton & Carter Seibold

Sole Hope - We chose Sole Hope because we want to know what chiggers are and make shoes for people in Uganda to wear. The shoes can prevent chiggers, which come from the sand flea, from getting into their feet. To make the shoes, we trace and cut out fabrics. Once the pieces were cut out, we sorted them and put them in zip lock bags so we can send the packages to North Carolina. The material will be sent to Uganda and Sole Hope will pay for tailors and shoemakers to finish the soles.

corbin hunter.jpg

Corbin Hoinkes, Hunter Hoinkes & Collin Urbanski

Riding Unlimited - They let kids who have disabilities ride horses to forget about their pain. We made 10 signs out of old wooden fences. We painted the wood and letters and we took them to Riding Unlimited and put them in the ground. These signs helped tell people where to go and not to go. We learned about horse therapy as it helps the disabled keep their mind off of stuff by riding horses. Volunteering makes us feel good.

christian kelley.jpg

Christian Kelley

Mission Arlington - They give people clothes who don't have any. I helped them because I liked what they do by giving them food and water. Helping people in need is fun.

Austin and Reagan Etheridge Meals on Wheels.jpg

Austin Etheridge & Reagan Etheridge

Metroport Meals on Wheels

gina gunshore.jpg

Regina Gunshore & Cairo Jones

St. Andrew Food Bank - They open up doors and people who are hungry come in for food. We went around neighborhoods asking for good and money donations. We collected $142 and 138 lbs of food that went into the food bank. We learned hard work definitely pays off.

christs haven joseph.jpg

Joseph Kouri

Christ Haven for Children

Piper_Alea_Beautiful Feet.jpg

Alea Breault & Piper Orcutt

Beautiful Feet

union gospel land.jpg

Landry Luebbert

Union Gospel Mission of Tarrant County

hurst animal camer.jpg

Cameron Swank

Hurst Animal Shelter - They take animals, such as dogs, cats and even a tortoise in one case and care for them until they are adopted. I created a photoshop art for the animals there and pasted it on a Facebook page that my parents created for me. In the end, I raised $125 and the shelter got 50 more Facebook page likes. I learned that animals need our help too and it's okay to think out of the box when helping.

dont forget to  caleb lexi.jpg

Caleb & Lexie Young

Don't Forget to Feed Me

Jacob_Agape Dinner.jpg

Jacob Pasteur

Broadway Baptist Church; Agape Dinner - They feed homeless people and I was able to feed them and it felt good to give them food for the night. I learned that helping people by just giving them a slice of bread can make a difference.

chay sunshine.jpg

Chay Reeves

Sunshine Spaces

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