Curriculum Overview


North Texas Leadership Academy is committed to preparing our students for the future by integrating 21st Century Skills and Project Based Learning within our curriculum. Because NTLA is designed to meet each student’s needs and interests, one curriculum map will not work for all students. However, all students must master state-mandated standards and will do so at their own pace through engaging lessons designed specifically for them by their teachers.

Students will be assessed on their knowledge and progression through “levels” which are aligned with the content based grade standards set forth by the state. These assessments will take place when the teacher feels the student has mastered concepts and is ready to advance to the next level. Students do not have to be on the same level in every subject (i.e. a student can be on Level F in Math and Level C in Reading).

Below is a brief overview of what students will experience, learn, explore and create while attending NTLA.



English/Language Arts/Reading

Social Studies


Fine Arts


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