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March 2017

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The Galegher Family - Sean, Marilyn, Liam, Jackson, and Maggie

We are the Galeghers. Sean is a police officer for the City of Fort Worth, and I (Marilyn) am an administrative assistant for Education in Action. I also volunteer as the Parent Liaison for North Texas Leadership Academy (NTLA). Liam, Jackson, and Maggie are all students at NTLA. Liam is in 4th grade, Jackson is in 2nd grade, and Maggie is in the PreKindergarten class.

I grew up in the Fort Worth area, and Sean is from the Houston area. We met at the University of Texas in Austin, lived in the Houston area for two years, moved to Maryland just after we got married, where Liam and Jackson were born, and then came back to Texas after seven years in Maryland. (Raising kids away from family is hard, y’all!) Before we had kids, we were very active in triathlon and Cyclocross racing. We have continued our love of the outdoors through running (especially on the trails!), hiking, and camping. We love to visit Colorado in the summertime, and we LOVE watching baseball! Liam enjoys playing baseball, swimming, acting, Pokemon, and reading; Jackson loves Star Wars, playing soccer and baseball, and Pokemon. Maggie loves swimming, dancing, singing, and just being plain silly!

We have been part of the NTLA family for 4 years. Since Liam was a baby, I have had a vision of homeschooling my children. I love the idea of teaching my children where they are at academically, implementing hands-on lessons, and putting lessons into real-world application. However, as a family where both Sean and I work, we are unable to provide this perfect situation for our kiddos. NTLA has fit the bill for us… and then some! Liam began Kindergarten in public school and half of the work he brought home was doodles he kept busy with while his classmates finished their work. We brought Liam to NTLA in February that school year, and he has been challenged ever since.

As a toddler and preschooler, Liam tended to be quite shy. Being given the opportunity to present his work at school showcases (amongst other social opportunities), he has grown into a very confident young man. Jackson loves putting his amazing creative talent to use at NTLA. He loves the art assignments that go with each project, and is looking forward to the upcoming poetry unit! Maggie has loved to come to school since her first day here! She attends 4 days per week, and has been sad the past two years that she doesn’t attend 5 days! (Next year, Maggie!)

Our list of favorite things about NTLA is endless, but the projects our kiddos get to do at school are priceless! Every project/unit culminates in an open house-type event where the students showcase their work for that unit. We are continually impressed with these showcases! Our all-time favorite showcase was “Welcome to America: Ellis Island”, complete with medical screenings, currency exchange, and a welcome dance performance. Other favorite showcases include: “Wild West Round-Up”, and “Night at the Museum”. Our kids love learning at NTLA!

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