Family of the Month

May 2017

Kouri family.png

The Kouri Family - Jason, Keri, Joshua, Matthew, Shawn, Joseph & Sammy

There are seven of us in the Kouri family. Jason, Keri, Joshua (17), Matthew (16), Shawn (13), Joseph (11), and Sammy (7). We moved here five years ago this June from the San Diego area. We knew we wanted a better long-term environment where we could raise our five boys, and have more opportunities for Jason to practice medicine and develop our growing companies.

As a family we enjoy spending time together outdoors, parks, recreation, and time with friends and our church family. All of the boys enjoy airsofting with their friends and each other. We also make it a priority to have family dinners, and Sunday afternoon lunches together. The older the boys get, the busier our lives become with school, jobs, businesses, and friends. We focus on life discussions, goals, dreams, and how the boys want to live long-term as well as long-term family goals. You can imagine at times the loud craziness that accompanies six males in the household, with all the different schedules and personalities. We love to get away from busy life for an annual trip to Jellystone Park. Or a yearly trip to go and see our family.

With a variety of special needs and unique learning styles within our family we were extremely excited to learn about North Texas Leadership Academy over two years ago and we love the Project Based Learning style that Joey has had the opportunity to participate in. It has been a joy to get to know the NTLA family over the last two years. We are looking forward to a great summer!

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